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2023 Pinot Noir Nouveau

2023 Pinot Noir Nouveau

Embrace the Joy of Nouveau-Style Wines:

Nouveau-style wines celebrate the harvest season, capturing the youthful exuberance of freshly picked grapes. Our 2023 Pinot Noir Nouveau follows this cherished winemaking tradition, hand-harvesting grapes from our estate vines. These grapes undergo a unique process known as carbonic maceration, resulting in a wine bursting with vibrant fruitiness and captivating flavors. It's a limited release, offering a taste of the vintage perfect for savoring now. Experience the essence of the harvest with this delightful and festive wine.

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Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Harvest Date
September 24, 2023
22 Brix
Bottling Date
November 2023
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Embark on a sensory journey with our 2023 Pinot Noir Nouveau—a wine that weaves together the richness of dried figs, the succulence of ripe blackberries, and the sweetness of raspberry candy. As you pour, the clear, deep crimson hue sets the stage for a captivating experience. Take in the inviting aromas that waft from the glass, promising a symphony of flavors. On the palate, this Nouveau reveals its light-bodied yet full-flavored character. Dark cherries, blackberries, and plum dance across your taste buds, accompanied by a juicy acidity that extends an irresistible invitation for another sip. The long finish is a delightful encore, featuring dark, sweet/tart berries, a subtle hint of cotton candy, and a lingering touch of cranberry juice. This limited release encapsulates the essence of the 2023 vintage, offering a dangerously gluggable pleasure that celebrates the vibrant depth of our Pinot Noir Nouveau. Don't miss your chance to savor this unique and delightful creation.
Vineyard Notes
Estate-grown grapes planted in the mid-1980s
Winemaker Notes
The grapes were harvested by hand, sorted, layered into a stainless tank, and sealed to undergo carbonic maceration. After 19 days of carbonic, the grapes were loaded into the press and fermented in stainless until dry. The wine was filtered before bottling.
Food Pairing Notes
Pair our 2023 Pinot Noir Nouveau with diverse dishes for a truly festive experience. The succulent flavors of roast turkey with cranberry sauce find a delightful complement in the bright acidity of our Pinot Noir Nouveau. In contrast, the cranberry sauce harmoniously bridges the fruitiness of the wine. For a delectable main course, savor the tender, juicy pork roast with apples, which perfectly harmonizes with the nuanced fruitiness of our Nouveau-style Pinot Noir. Delight in the earthy richness of mushroom and herb stuffing, which finds a perfect partner in the rounded and expressive character of our 2023 Pinot Noir Nouveau. For a delightful appetizer, try brie and cranberry quesadillas. The creamy brie and tangy cranberry sauce play beautifully off the wine's vibrant fruitiness and lively character. Additionally, herb-roasted root vegetables pair wonderfully with the wine, as the savory herbs and sweet, caramelized flavors find balance in the soft, approachable tannins of our Nouveau-style Pinot Noir. Enjoy chocolate truffles or raspberry tarts for a sweet finish, which perfectly complement the wine's luscious fruit notes. These pairings will elevate your holiday celebrations, making them even more memorable with the addition of our exceptional 2023 Pinot Noir Nouveau. Enjoy the festive season!

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