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Kramer Vineyards

Kramer Vineyards
June 24, 2023 | Kramer Vineyards

Unleash the Flavors: Perfect Wine Pairings to Elevate Your Barbecue

Becky Kramer, Winery Director at Kramer Vineyards

Get ready for grilling and cookout season with a selection of wines to enhance your summer entertaining. Who better to offer expert advice on wine pairings than Becky Kramer, the Winery Director of Kramer Vineyards and a seasoned grilling enthusiast? Let Becky guide you through her top picks for selecting wines that will take your barbecue experience to the next level.

The Versatility of Dry Rosé, The Ultimate Goes-With-Everything Wine

Elevate your barbecue with the versatile pairing power of dry rosé. This refreshing wine effortlessly enhances the flavors of succulent shellfish, juicy ribs, classic sausages, and more. Sip chilled rosé as the aroma of sizzling grills fills the air, intensifying the pleasure of every bite. Its bright acidity and fruity notes create a match made in barbecue heaven.

“Always have plenty of chilled sparkling wine and rosé on hand. They’re some of the most food-friendly wines out there! The combination of refreshing, bright acidity and fruity flavors really works with the savory smokiness of the grill. A dry rosé can pair with everything from shellfish to pulled pork sliders, ribs, burgers and sausages—even the potato salad.” 

From perfectly grilled burgers to savory sausages, dry rosé adds a delightful touch to charred flavors, turning each mouthful into pure bliss. Even classic barbecue side dishes like potato salad find a worthy companion in this wine, as its refreshing acidity cuts through the creaminess, adding elegance and brightness. And yes, even hot dogs—the iconic barbecue staple—find their perfect match in dry rosé, balancing their richness with vibrant flavors.

Stock up on dry rosé for your next grilling session and experience the perfect harmony of flavors. Let this versatile wine transform your barbecue season into a culinary adventure, creating unforgettable moments around the grill.



Oregon Pinot Noir: A Grilling Delight - Unlock the Secrets of Oregon Pinot Noir Pairings

 “Oregon Pinot noir is quite versatile with grilled foods too,” she notes, “it’s inherently earthy and smoky, often spicy, and the red or dark fruitiness pops nicely without dominating the meal.”

The Willamette Valley is synonymous with Pinot Noir, and Kramer has plenty of experience pairing this with salmon, pork chops, lamb, chicken and game birds. This exceptional wine's earthy and smoky undertones blend seamlessly with the richness of pork chops, the succulence of lamb, the juiciness of chicken, and the wild allure of game birds. With every sip, the spicy and red or dark fruitiness of the Pinot Noir bursts forth, enveloping your senses and enhancing the smoky essence of your grilled creations. Elevate your grilling prowess and ignite a symphony of flavors with the enchanting Oregon Pinot Noir, taking your barbecue gatherings to extraordinary heights.

Robust Reds for Bold Flavors

If beef is on the menu, Becky will open something darker, like a Syrah or Rhône blend. “Beef usually needs wines with more tannins, so reach for something that will stain your teeth.”

For beef enthusiasts, Syrah, Rhône blends, and Carmine are the go-to wines. With their robust flavors and bold tannins, these wines elevate the taste of grilled beef, burgers, lamb, and steaks. Sip on Syrah as you enjoy spareribs, barbecued chicken, grilled meats, hamburgers, lamb burgers, mushroom burgers, ribs with barbecue sauce, grilled sausages, and pepper-rubbed steak. Meanwhile, Carmine perfectly complements grilled beef, burgers, lamb, and rib-eye steak. Unleash your inner grill master and let these wines enhance the richness and smokiness of your beef creations for an unforgettable barbecue experience. These wines are the perfect partners for your grilled creations, leaving a lasting impression with every bite.

Müller-Thurgau: Perfect for Spicy Fare

“There’s something incredibly satisfying about standing over the grill with tongs in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.”

Embark on a fiery culinary adventure with Müller-Thurgau, the perfect pairing for your spicy barbecue creations. Its crisp acidity cuts through the heat, refreshing your palate while harmonizing with the spices. Müller-Thurgau's aromatic profile beautifully balances intense flavors, creating a delightful symphony on your palate. Experience the magic as each sip reveals new complexities, accentuating the vibrant nature of your spicy fare. Let Müller-Thurgau elevate your barbecue with elegance and zest, adding sophistication to your flavor-packed creations. Indulge in spice-rubbed ribs, barbecued chicken, or any fiery dish and discover the spice-pairing power of Müller-Thurgau.

 “We have a hill that overlooks the vineyard and is our favorite spot to grill with friends. In the summertime, we’ll host causal cookouts and everyone brings good sides and wine to share while the meat or fish is cooking. It’s a wonderful communal experience in a relaxed atmosphere, and the view is amazing.”

We hope Becky's expertise and passion for grilling inspires you this barbecue season. At Kramer Vineyards, we take pride in crafting wines that beautifully complement a variety of culinary creations. Whether you're grilling drumsticks, savoring the communal joy of a cookout, or indulging in spice-rubbed ribs, our wines enhance your experience.

Join Becky in her love for grilling and wine by exploring our exceptional selection of grill-friendly wines. Indulge in the refreshing and versatile dry rosé, embrace the bold flavors with our Oregon Pinot Noir and robust reds, and unleash the spice-pairing power of Müller-Thurgau. Let our wines take you on a culinary journey with each sip, creating unforgettable moments around the grill. Explore the exceptional offerings from Kramer Vineyards and create lasting memories around the fire. Cheers to delicious food, joyful moments, and the perfect wines to accompany them.

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