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June 24, 2023 | Kramer Vineyards

Unleash the Flavors: Perfect Wine Pairings to Elevate Your Barbecue

Becky Kramer, Winery Director at Kramer Vineyards

Get ready for grilling and cookout season with a selection of wines to enhance your summer entertaining. Who better to offer expert advice on wine pairings than Becky Kramer, the Winery Director of Kramer Vineyards and a seasoned grilling enthusiast? Let Becky guide you through her top picks for selecting wines that will take your barbecue experience to the next level.

The Versatility of Dry Rosé, The Ultimate Goes-With-Everything Wine

Elevate your barbecue with the versatile pairing power of dry rosé. This refreshing wine effortlessly enhances the flavors of succulent shellfish, juicy ribs, classic sausages, and more. Sip chilled rosé as the aroma of sizzling grills fills the air, intensifying the pleasure of every bite. Its bright acidity and fruity notes create a match made in barbecue heaven.

“Always have plenty of chilled sparkling wine and rosé on hand. They’re some of the most food-friendly wines out there! The combination of refreshing, bright acidity and fruity flavors really works with the savory smokiness of the grill. A dry rosé can pair with everything from shellfish to pulled pork sliders, ribs, burgers and sausages—even the potato salad.” 

From perfectly grilled burgers to savory sausages, dry rosé adds a delightful touch to charred flavors, turning each mouthful into pure bliss. Even classic barbecue side dishes like potato salad find a worthy companion in this wine, as its refreshing acidity cuts through the creaminess, adding elegance and brightness. And yes, even hot dogs—the iconic barbecue staple—find their perfect match in dry rosé, balancing their richness with vibrant flavors.

Stock up on dry rosé for your next grilling session and experience the perfect harmony of flavors. Let this versatile wine transform your barbecue season into a culinary adventure, creating unforgettable moments around the grill.



Oregon Pinot Noir: A Grilling Delight - Unlock the Secrets of Oregon Pinot Noir Pairings

 “Oregon Pinot noir is quite versatile with grilled foods too,” she notes, “it’s inherently earthy and smoky, often spicy, and the red or dark fruitiness pops nicely without dominating the meal.”

The Willamette Valley is synonymous with Pinot Noir, and Kramer has plenty of experience pairing this with salmon, pork chops, lamb, chicken and game birds. This exceptional wine's earthy and smoky undertones blend seamlessly with the richness of pork chops, the succulence of lamb, the juiciness of chicken, and the wild allure of game birds. With every sip, the spicy and red or dark fruitiness of the Pinot Noir bursts forth, enveloping your senses and enhancing the smoky essence of your grilled creations. Elevate your grilling prowess and ignite a symphony of flavors with the enchanting Oregon Pinot Noir, taking your barbecue gatherings to extraordinary heights.

Robust Reds for Bold Flavors

If beef is on the menu, Becky will open something darker, like a Syrah or Rhône blend. “Beef usually needs wines with more tannins, so reach for something that will stain your teeth.”

For beef enthusiasts, Syrah, Rhône blends, and Carmine are the go-to wines. With their robust flavors and bold tannins, these wines elevate the taste of grilled beef, burgers, lamb, and steaks. Sip on Syrah as you enjoy spareribs, barbecued chicken, grilled meats, hamburgers, lamb burgers, mushroom burgers, ribs with barbecue sauce, grilled sausages, and pepper-rubbed steak. Meanwhile, Carmine perfectly complements grilled beef, burgers, lamb, and rib-eye steak. Unleash your inner grill master and let these wines enhance the richness and smokiness of your beef creations for an unforgettable barbecue experience. These wines are the perfect partners for your grilled creations, leaving a lasting impression with every bite.

Müller-Thurgau: Perfect for Spicy Fare

“There’s something incredibly satisfying about standing over the grill with tongs in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.”

Embark on a fiery culinary adventure with Müller-Thurgau, the perfect pairing for your spicy barbecue creations. Its crisp acidity cuts through the heat, refreshing your palate while harmonizing with the spices. Müller-Thurgau's aromatic profile beautifully balances intense flavors, creating a delightful symphony on your palate. Experience the magic as each sip reveals new complexities, accentuating the vibrant nature of your spicy fare. Let Müller-Thurgau elevate your barbecue with elegance and zest, adding sophistication to your flavor-packed creations. Indulge in spice-rubbed ribs, barbecued chicken, or any fiery dish and discover the spice-pairing power of Müller-Thurgau.

 “We have a hill that overlooks the vineyard and is our favorite spot to grill with friends. In the summertime, we’ll host causal cookouts and everyone brings good sides and wine to share while the meat or fish is cooking. It’s a wonderful communal experience in a relaxed atmosphere, and the view is amazing.”

We hope Becky's expertise and passion for grilling inspires you this barbecue season. At Kramer Vineyards, we take pride in crafting wines that beautifully complement a variety of culinary creations. Whether you're grilling drumsticks, savoring the communal joy of a cookout, or indulging in spice-rubbed ribs, our wines enhance your experience.

Join Becky in her love for grilling and wine by exploring our exceptional selection of grill-friendly wines. Indulge in the refreshing and versatile dry rosé, embrace the bold flavors with our Oregon Pinot Noir and robust reds, and unleash the spice-pairing power of Müller-Thurgau. Let our wines take you on a culinary journey with each sip, creating unforgettable moments around the grill. Explore the exceptional offerings from Kramer Vineyards and create lasting memories around the fire. Cheers to delicious food, joyful moments, and the perfect wines to accompany them.

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Kimberley Kramer
June 21, 2023 | Kimberley Kramer

The Art of Evaluating Pinot Noir in the Barrel

As passionate winemakers at Kramer Vineyards, we always focus on bringing out the most authentic expression of the fruit we grow in our estate vineyard. Barrel aging is pivotal in this pursuit, offering many benefits that enhance and complement our wines. 

At Kramer Vineyards, our barrel selection and aging regime are meticulously crafted to ensure that the barrels serve as vessels for aging and act as partners in the winemaking process. After all, we don't grow and make barrels; we grow and make wine!

The use of oak barrels in aging Pinot Noir presents various advantages that contribute to the wine's ultimate expression and exceptional quality. Let's delve into some of the key benefits:

Enhanced Complexity

The interaction between Pinot Noir and carefully selected French oak barrels introduces subtle nuances and flavors that add depth and complexity to our wines at Kramer Vineyards. Each barrel, with its unique characteristics influenced by the forest, tightness of the grain, and the cooper's building and toasting techniques, contributes to the wine's distinct personality.

Softened Tannins

With time, the tannins in young Pinot Noir wines gradually integrate and mellow in the barrel, resulting in a refined and harmonious mouthfeel. This transformation enhances the overall drinking experience, allowing you to appreciate the wine's intricate nuances fully.


Improved Structure

Barrel aging allows the wine to develop a well-defined structure with a perfect interplay of acidity, tannins, and fruit. Our Pinot Noir wines, crafted in the terroir of Willamette Valley, reflect this balanced structure that enables graceful aging.

Flavor Development

Barrel aging allows Pinot Noir to undergo a controlled and beneficial oxidation process, intensifying and refining its flavor profile. This is separate from faulty oxidized wine, which results in undesirable flavors and loss of freshness; the slow oxidation in the barrel contributes to the wine's complexity and depth. It reveals a broader range of fruit flavors, subtle spice notes, and captivating oak influences. Each sip becomes a sensory journey through the evolving layers of flavor, showcasing the remarkable transformation that occurs during the barrel aging of Pinot Noir. 

Textural Elegance

The barrel aging process imparts Pinot Noir a luxurious and velvety texture, enhancing its overall elegance and mouthfeel. At Kramer Vineyards, we strive to create wines with a polished and sophisticated character that lingers on the palate.

Integration and Balance

Extended aging in the barrel allows the various components of the wine to integrate and harmonize, resulting in a beautifully balanced expression of flavors, aromas, and structure. This meticulous process ensures that each Kramer Vineyards' Pinot Noir bottle delivers an exceptional and harmonious wine experience.

Pinot Noir is a Wine that Rewards Patience

Patience is vital when evaluating a barrel of Pinot Noir. During the early months, the wine exhibits vibrant primary fruit flavors with acidity and tannins that may initially seem disjointed. However, a magical transformation occurs as the wine "winters over" and undergoes malolactic fermentation.

Malolactic: it's Fantastic

Malolactic fermentation, where beneficial bacteria convert sharp malic acid into smoother lactic acid, softens the wine's acidity and enhances its complexity, mouthfeel, and perception of tannins. This process gradually shapes the wine, unlocking a rounder and more integrated character and showcasing a stunning depth of flavors.
At Kramer Vineyards, we understand the significance of each barrel in shaping the aging Pinot Noir. The unique characteristics influenced by the terroir of Willamette Valley, the cooper's craftsmanship, and the evolution with each fill contribute to the wine's complexity and depth.

As barrels are reused, they lose their potency, imparting fewer flavors and tannins to the wine. This aging tradition adds depth and complexity to our wines, requiring us to carefully consider the number of fills for each barrel to maintain the desired balance.

When the wines have completed malolactic fermentation and settled back into the barrel for further aging, it marks a pivotal moment in their development. This is an opportune time for us as winemakers to assess their qualities and draw connections to past vintages, guiding our blending decisions to ensure the final expression of the wine aligns with our vision.



Through the meticulous evaluation of Pinot Noir during its barrel aging journey, we can determine how to serve the wine best as we head toward bottling. Each barrel holds the potential to reveal unique characteristics that showcase the terroir of Willamette Valley. Join us at Kramer Vineyards as we invite you to experience the art of evaluating wine in the barrel, appreciating its benefits and extraordinary expression of this captivating grape variety.

Barrel Tasting Pinot Noir at Kramer Vineyards

If you'd like to schedule a barrel tasting at Kramer Vineyards, please get in touch with us for more information or to book your tasting experience. Email us at

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Kimberley Kramer
June 19, 2023 | Kimberley Kramer

The Art of Dosage: Transforming Sparkling Wines with a Delicate Touch

Have you ever wondered what dosage means in champagne and sparkling wine? Allow us to shed some light on this vital aspect of the winemaking process.

Dosage refers to the addition of a finishing syrup after the second fermentation in the bottle. This step involves carefully introducing small amounts of sugar to the wine. The purpose of dosage is multi-fold: it helps to balance the naturally high acidity of the wine, accentuates its fruit flavors, contributes to a smoother texture, and so much more.

We highly recommend reading this interview with noted Champagne expert Peter Liem by wine writer Jaime Goode for a comprehensive and insightful read on dosage, grower-producers, and viticulture. It provides a holistic understanding of the role of dosage in creating exceptional sparkling wines.

In our cellar, we eagerly anticipate the moment we get to taste our sparkling wines shortly after bottling. The wine is dry, effervescent, and alive with suspended yeast cells at this stage. It never fails to be a thrilling experience.

Once the second fermentation is complete, we carefully evaluate the need for dosage. We prepare a range of wines with varying sugar levels, up to 10 grams per liter. Throughout our winemaking history, we have bottled sparkling wines with dosages ranging from 3 to 8 grams per liter. However, we must admit that we also have a soft spot for crisp, tart, and bone-dry wines that don't require any additional dosage.

As a sparkling winemaker, my perspective on dosage has evolved significantly. When younger and less experienced, I preferred the romance of a perfect, raw sparkling wine without dosage. I have since learned that when the dosage is employed judiciously, it can elevate a wine and bring out its true essence in a way that remains authentic to the terroir and vintage (while leaving room for zero-dosage wines when that's the best expression of these qualities).

While the movement towards lower or zero dosage has gained traction over the last two decades, particularly among grower-producers emphasizing terroir expression, I have come to appreciate the transformative potential of dosage when used thoughtfully and in harmony with the wine's character.

Today, I invite you to join me in a deeper exploration of dosage's intricate role in champagne and sparkling wine. Let us take a moment to cherish how dosage contributes to the delightful flavors, textures, and nuances that unfold in every glass. If you are intrigued to experience the range of our sparkling wines, please visit our website or contact us for more information.

Together, let's toast the exquisite art of dosage and celebrate the wondrous journey of Kramer sparkling wines. Cheers to the magic that unfolds in each bottle!

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Kimberley Kramer
June 10, 2023 | Kimberley Kramer

A Journey through 27 Blocks: Unveiling the Essence of a Singular Vintage

Welcome to Kramer Vineyards, where we invite you to embark on a captivating journey through the remarkable 27 Blocks wine. Crafted with care and expertise from our estate vineyard, 27 Blocks is a testament to the art of co-fermentation—a winemaking technique that harmoniously blends multiple grape varieties. Join us as we explore the intricacies of this single vineyard, vintage-dated wine, and discover the rich flavors and aromas that make each bottle a unique and unforgettable experience.

Unveiling the Tapestry of 27 Blocks:

At the heart of 27 Blocks lies a rich tapestry of flavors woven together by nine distinct grape varieties meticulously cultivated in our vineyard. From the elegant Pinot Noir to the vibrant Marquette, each grape contributes its own character, adding depth and complexity to the final blend. Through co-fermentation, these varieties come together perfectly, creating a wine that encapsulates the essence of our estate and the spirit of the vintage.

A Symphony of Flavors:

Indulge your senses as you savor the myriad of flavors that 27 Blocks has to offer. With each sip, you'll be greeted by a symphony of fruit, spice, and earthy undertones dancing across your palate in perfect harmony. Delicate notes of red berries mingle with hints of black currants, while subtle hints of clove and vanilla add layers of intrigue. The smooth tannins and balanced acidity create an approachable and captivating wine, inviting you to explore its nuances with every glass.

The Story of Vintage:

Every vintage of 27 Blocks tells a unique story—a tale of the growing season, the weather patterns, and the meticulous care bestowed upon the vineyard. As a single vineyard, vintage-dated wine, each bottle encapsulates the essence of a specific year, allowing you to experience the distinct characteristics and nuances that define that particular harvest. From the sun-kissed warmth of a ripe summer to the cool, crisp notes of late autumn, each vintage unveils its own chapter in the ongoing narrative of our winemaking journey.

Sorting Marquette in 2019


A Wine for the Curious Palate:

Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, 27 Blocks offers a sensory adventure that delights and surprises. Its complex yet approachable nature makes it an ideal companion for various occasions. Pair it with a hearty meal to accentuate its flavors, or savor it as you unwind and contemplate the beauty of the vineyard that gave it life. You'll discover something new with each sip, allowing your palate to evolve alongside the wine.

As we conclude our journey through the exquisite 27 Blocks, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of this singular vintage. From the artful co-fermentation to the harmonious blend of nine distinct grape varieties, every bottle tells a story meant to be savored and shared. Experience the essence of our estate vineyard in each glass, and let the flavors transport you to the sun-soaked hills and cool valleys where the grapes ripened. Discover the magic of 27 Blocks and allow its captivating charm to leave an indelible mark on your wine-loving heart.
Explore the diverse flavors of 27 Blocks and discover the essence of our estate vineyard. 


The label is a patchwork quilt, representing the blocks of grapevines in our vineyard.


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Kramer Vineyards
June 9, 2023 | Kramer Vineyards

The Other 4%: Exploring Unique Oregon Wine Varietals at Kramer Vineyards

Did you know that 96% of the vineyard acreage in the Willamette Valley is dedicated to Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay? While these noble varieties have captured the spotlight, an exciting world of alternative Oregon wine varietals is waiting to be explored. At Kramer Vineyards, we invite you to venture beyond the familiar and discover "The Other 4%."

The Alternative Varietals at Kramer Vineyards

While Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay may be the stars of the Willamette Valley, we have been passionate about cultivating lesser-known varietals that thrive in our unique terroir. Let's dive into the intriguing characteristics of Grüner Veltliner, Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Meunier, Carmine, and Marquette.

Müller-Thurgau: A Hidden Gem

Müller-Thurgau, a relatively unknown varietal, has found a thriving home in our vineyards since the mid-1980s. Its story at Kramer Vineyards began when owner Keith Kramer took a vineyard management class in the early 1980s. During the class, he encountered a fellow enthusiast who couldn't contain their excitement about Müller-Thurgau for Oregon. Intrigued by the fervor, Keith decided to explore this grape further.

"We bought some when we had the opportunity in the mid-80s," Keith recalls. The wine made from Müller-Thurgau grapes was a hit, prompting us to plant vines at our estate. This varietal proved exceptionally productive at our site, consistently yielding flavorful fruit even in the most challenging vintages.

Since then, we've crafted various Müller-Thurgau wines, from dry to off-dry, semi-sweet to dessert, and even sparkling. Our sparkling and still wines have garnered popularity and often rank as the top sellers in our tasting room. In 2018, Wine Enthusiast recognized us as a Notable Müller-Thurgau Producer in the US, further validating our dedication to this exceptional varietal.

Indulge in the enticing flavors of peach, starfruit, lychee, passionfruit, mango, lime, gooseberry, and sweet basil that define our Müller-Thurgau wines. Experience the charm of this hidden gem and join us in celebrating the recognition and acclaim our Müller-Thurgau wines have garnered.






Grüner Veltliner: A Crisp and Versatile White

Grown on our estate since 2010, Grüner Veltliner is a remarkable white grape variety known for its crispness and expressive flavors. This Austrian favorite captivates with notes of lemon, lime, cucumber, peach, white flowers, freshly cut grass, green apple, and pear. Its high acidity and versatility make it an excellent choice for food pairing, complementing a range of dishes.

At Kramer Vineyards, we've taken the allure of Grüner Veltliner a step further by crafting a spectacular sparkling wine. The lively effervescence and elegant flavors of our Grüner Veltliner sparkling wine delight the senses. With each sip, you'll experience the vibrancy of citrus, the complexity of orchard fruits, and the refreshing zing that only sparkling wines can deliver.

Whether you savor our still Grüner Veltliner or indulge in the sparkling variation, this exceptional varietal will captivate your palate and elevate your wine experience. Join us in celebrating the versatility and sparkling brilliance of Grüner Veltliner at Kramer Vineyards.

Pinot Meunier: A Sparkling Delight

Pinot Meunier is an exceptional grape variety in our vineyards, exclusively planted, grown, and harvested for our traditional sparkling wine program. This distinctive grape adds depth and character to our sparkling wines, contributing to their unique and effervescent charm. Indulge in the enchanting flavors of cherries, blackcurrants, blackberries, tobacco, leather, and subtle spice that define our Pinot Meunier sparkling wines. With every sip, experience the artistry and dedication that goes into crafting these sparkling delights at Kramer Vineyards.


Carmine: A Heritage from California

Carmine has a fascinating history that traces back to its creation in 1946 at UC Davis by Dr. Harold Olmo. This unique grape variety is a cross of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, and Merlot, developed specifically to thrive in California's cooler, coastal regions. Although Olmo's vision for Carmine did not gain widespread popularity as intended, the vines found their way north to Oregon in the 1970s, landing at Courting Hill Vineyard in Banks. It was there that Keith Kramer, inspired by the Oregon wine legend Jim Leyden, was introduced to this intriguing grape variety. In 1989, Leyden generously gifted Kramer Vineyards with our first Carmine vines.

At Kramer Vineyards, we have dedicated ourselves to unlocking the potential of Carmine. This late-ripening, thick-skinned grape has revealed its true character through our continuous exploration in the vineyard and the winery. Our Carmine wines, known for their dark red color, exude herbaceous aromas and peppery notes. With influences from its Cabernet Sauvignon grandparent, you can expect dark fruit flavors, dark chocolate, and an occasional hint of mint. Indulge in the distinctive flavor profile of our Carmine wines, featuring dried cranberries, maraschino cherries, cinnamon, anise, bell pepper, and cracked peppercorns.





Marquette: A Challenging Yet Essential Grape

Marquette, a captivating grape variety, was planted in our vineyard in 2010 across 0.5 acres. Developed by the University of Minnesota for extremely cold climates, Marquette is not well suited to our region or our property. Its intended growing conditions are much cooler than what we have in the Willamette Valley, resulting in unique challenges for its cultivation.

One of the major obstacles we face with Marquette is its early ripening nature. The vines tend to bloom weeks ahead of other varietals, often coinciding with rain, interfering with fruit set. This presents a constant battle to ensure proper fruit development during critical growth periods.

Another challenge arises at harvest time. Due to its early ripening, Marquette is susceptible to bird predation. The birds sometimes devour the fruit before we can pick it. Additionally, the chemistry of Marquette at ripeness is unusual, often exhibiting high sugar levels and acidity, requiring careful monitoring and timing for optimal harvest.

While we wouldn't recommend planting Marquette in the Willamette Valley, we have found a wonderful use for this challenging grape. By cofermenting it with grapes sourced from throughout our estate vineyard, we create the delightful summery red wine called 27 Blocks. This cofermentation allows Marquette to shine as a base, contributing its unique character to the blend.

With its flavor profile encompassing cherries, blackcurrants, blackberries, tobacco, and leather, 27 Blocks is a captivating expression of the harmonious interplay between our vineyard's nine grape varieties. Despite the challenges of growing Marquette in our region, its contribution to creating 27 Blocks makes it an essential part of our winemaking journey.

As you explore the wonders of Oregon wine, don't limit yourself to the familiar. At Kramer Vineyards, we invite you to journey into "The Other 4%" and discover the exceptional varietals that make our region unique. From the crispness of Grüner Veltliner to the hidden gem of Müller-Thurgau, the unique expressions of Pinot Meunier, and the innovative spirit of Carmine and Marquette, each varietal tells a story that deserves to be savored. Join us in exploring flavors and expanding your wine horizons with Kramer Vineyards.

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